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A wedding involves many decisions. You need to decide on a
date, who to invite, where to have the reception, the dress, the rings, and the
wedding photography. Of all those decisions, the photography is probably the
most important aspect of your wedding. More choices wait when you start to look
for affordable wedding photography, too. Budget is at the top of the list of
considerations, followed closely by what style of photos you and your spouse to
be would like to have.

Engaged couples have more options now than ever before regarding styles of
wedding photography. Photo-journalistic wedding photography is a highly popular
choice for today’s weddings, offering a much less stilted wedding album than
the old formally posed shots. Black and white wedding photography is also very
popular, adding an old-time romance to your wedding photos.

Contemporary wedding photography allows couples to customize their wedding
photographs freely to match the feel of the wedding ceremony. The traditional
posed wedding portrait is quite appropriate to the old-fashioned formal
wedding. However, this is only one of a myriad of wedding styles from which
couples now may choose. From jumping out of an airplane or exchanging vows on a
roller coaster to highly themed custom ceremonies, weddings in general are much
less standardized. It is only fitting that wedding photography should also
change with the times. Many couples feel that they won’t be able to get both affordable wedding
photography and the style they want in a cost-conscious package. Wedding
photography professionals are more aware of the financial dilemma than you
might think.

One of the first decisions that couples must make regarding wedding photography
is whether to go with traditional film photography or the newer and
increasingly popular digital wedding photography. Both styles have distinct
pros and cons. Film also provides a
softer feel for certain styles of photography. The major disadvantage to film
is the inability to preview the photographs immediately. While any professional
photographer will be able to take excellent photos without the immediate
feedback, couples whose wedding photography includes difficult action shots may
feel more secure knowing that the photographer is able to preview and re-shoot
photos as necessary.

Digital photography is the wave of the future. More and more photographers are
starting to turn to digital photography as their preferred medium. Digital
photography allows the photographer the freedom to experiment with tricky
shots, as he or she will know immediately whether the shot was a success. It
also allows the photographer to snap virtually limitless numbers of photos
rather than being tied to a certain number of rolls for budgetary purposes.

Choosing the type of wedding photography and a photographer that fits your
style is more involved than it was several years ago. The couple plays an
active part in the planning of photography, as opposed to handing all the
choices over to the photographer and hoping for the best. Affordable wedding
photography is available if you take the time to look for it and ask the right
questions. Talk to as many photographers as you can until you find one that
fits your personal style.

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