Christmas Eve Caroling

you are starting out with your camera, you usually just start working with
general photography. You probably take pictures that mean something to you,
talk to you, and speak to your heart more than anyone else’s. That is a great
way to start, but eventually you need to learn how to make you photos speak to
other people as much as yourself. With the right application of skill, your
general photography skills can become a style that you share with the world.

My aunt
is a photographer in Seattle, and when she started taking pictures it was a fun
pastime for her, and something she did when she went on her various vacations.
She loved to take pictures, and she had thousands of them all stored away in
dozens of cameras. It was only when a friend saw the way her general
photography looked and made note of it did she realize that she had years-worth
of great photographs that she could turn into beautiful pieces of artwork.

I have
one of her pictures hanging on my wall to this day, because when somebody has
talent, you can easily appreciate that fact. There is no general photography
that doesn’t end up bleeding into your style of imagery. Photographers see the
world in frames, and the best way to take advantage of that is to appreciate
the work that they do. If you have the skills, put them to work, and if you
don’t but you want something beautiful made, be it for family photo, landscape,
or something else, you should go to an expert who can turn your general ideas
into something gorgeous.

Never say
something can’t be done, because when you are a photographer you can see
everything as possible. You can change the composition of the air to make it
heavy, blend colors together, create a black and white still that looks like it
was taken centuries ago. The possibilities are endless when you plan on taking
a good photo, so never think that just because you do some general photography
that there isn’t a master hidden there somewhere.

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